Car passing a speed monitor going 31 mph in a 25 zone


On Behalf of Diehl & Hubbell, Attorneys at Law Feb. 4, 2021

Currently, speeding is one of the primary factors in car accidents in Ohio and throughout the United States. Coupled with other contributing elements like distracted or drunken driving, collisions become even deadlier for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

Despite speed limits being in place, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported a 46% increase in drivers flying on state roads above 100 miles per hour during the first two quarters of 2020. The current coronavirus pandemic has seemed to exacerbate this issue. Normally crowded roads are now less congested, allowing drivers the opportunity to travel faster in areas unaccustomed to such rates of speed. This behavior highlights the many speed-related dangers on the highway and why we need to be more careful of our driving habits.

Speeding is About More Than Just How Fast You Travel

When you think about speeding, you might only be considering how fast you are traveling. But, there is more to consider when confronting this problem. This issue is also about driving behavior behind the wheel. For example, failing to adjust your speed when road conditions are affected by the weather, like ice or flooding rain. Or, it could be about reckless behavior like racing or road rage.

Consequences of Speeding in Ohio

Outside of causing an accident, getting ticketed, or facing criminal charges, there are further dangers that speeding presents to everyone around you, including:

  • Less stopping distance

  • Higher chance to experience a rollover in an accident situation

  • Increased risk of losing control of the vehicle

  • Crash severity and injuries will increase

  • Increased stopping time

  • Vehicle airbags and other crash safety measures become less effective

Additional economic risks include higher insurance rates, increased wear and tear on your car, poor fuel consumption, and amassing points on your driving record. 

Why Do Drivers Speed?

Speeding is most often associated with aggressive behavior, and several road conditions can directly influence the likelihood of someone increasing their rate of speed.


Congested traffic conditions during one’s daily commute can lead to aggressive driving behavior like speeding because of frustration. T

Running Late for Work or Appointments

Anxiety-related to being at work on time or missing an important appointment can cause the most safety-minded driver to speed up and try to hurry. This type of urgency can lead to distracted driving, as well.

Detached Driving

Have you ever gotten home from work after a long commute and not remember much of the drive? Our ability to tune out our commutes because we experience them the same way every day can lead to driving at higher speeds without even realizing it.

Have You Been Hurt in a Speed-Related Car Accident?

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