Motor Vehicle Accident

After filing suit and expansive pretrial proceedings, we were able to obtain a recovery for our client in excess of $1,000,000.

We represented a middle-aged man who received injuries to his hip requiring hospitalization and surgery following a motor vehicle accident on a rural highway in Southwestern Ohio.  Through the use of case law, vocational, orthopaedic and economic experts we were able to establish that our client had sustained a diminished future income stream, despite the fact that he had made a fairly full recovery from the physical injuries he suffered from the motor vehicle accident. 

College Athlete Motor Vehicle Accident

We were able to obtain a recovery in excess of $1,000,000.

We represented a 22-year old college athlete who was a passenger in a motor vehicle in which the driver lost control.  As a result, our client sustained a potentially life-threatening heart injury and was rushed to a local trauma center, where he was successfully treated and released within three days.

Handicapped Transit Van Rider Injured

We obtained a settlement for our client in excess of $250,000.

We represented a handicapped transit rider who had requested transportation from her home to a doctor’s appointment.  At the time of the accident, our client was confined to a wheelchair due to various pre-existing physical disabilities.  While driving, the transit driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a car stopped ahead, and our client was thrown to the bulk of the transit van.  The client sustained injuries to the lower extremities.  Through the use of expert witnesses, and after expensive pretrial litigation, we were able to establish that the transit company violated several Federal regulations regarding the safety and transportation of disabled passengers.

Injury at Big Box Retailer From Falling Merchandise

We were able to obtain a sizable recovery for our client. The exact terms of this recovery cannot be disclosed due to the execution of a Confidentiality Agreement with the Big Box Retailer.

We represented an elderly man who entered a Big Box hardware store with the intention of procuring certain items.  In the process of attempting to retrieve the items, a large piece of pipe fell from an overhead bin and struck him in the head.  Our client did not immediately notice symptoms, other than a watery nose.  Eventually, over the course of several months, our client developed increasingly significant headaches, ultimately discovering that he had a subdural hematoma.  The subdural hematoma was removed through an invasive surgical procedure.  Through the use of neurologists, pathologists and other experts, we were able to establish that the falling merchandise was, most likely, the cause of this subdural hematoma.

Substantial Recovery from Injury on Interstate Tractor Trailer Crash

A structured settlement was created to provide a stream of income to the minor child once she reaches the age of majority.

We handled a case involving an infant child who was restrained in a child seat in the back seat of her mother’s car.  The mother and the child were stopped in traffic on I-75 and were struck at a high rate of speed by a semi tractor that failed to appreciate the stopped cars ahead to stop in time.  We worked with the pediatricians and representatives at Children’s Hospital to accurately and thoroughly document the child’s injuries and damages.  After lengthy negotiations, we were able to resolve the case to our client’s satisfaction.

Successful Verdict at Trial in Disputed Intersection

With the use of an expert accident reconstructionist, we were able to establish our client’s claim.

We handled a case for a client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection.  Our client was proceeding through the intersection and was struck by a vehicle coming from her right at the intersection.  Both our client and the other driver claimed to have entered the intersection on a green light.  The police arrived at the scene and were not able to issue any citations, as there were no witnesses, and the police officer did not believe he could determine which driver was negligent.  After meeting with our client and reviewing the accident scene, we were convinced that our client had driven carefully and safely and did not cause this collision and that she was entitled to compensation for the serious injuries she had sustained.