Tom Diehl is a fair and reasonable attorney.

We are married and have been involved in two different serious motor vehicle crashes.  In both cases, we utilized Tom Diehl of Diehl & Hubbell to represent us.  Mr. Diehl was able to obtain a very fair and reasonable recovery for us in our cases, and we continue to recommend Attorney Diehl to all of our friends and colleagues for any type of motor vehicle injury case, as we are convinced he has great skill and knowledge in these matters.

-R.B and D.B. from Middletown, OH
Middletown, OH

I am pleased with Attorney Diehl's services.

My husband was killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident.  The circumstances of that crash were exceedingly troublesome and emotional for me.  I utilized Attorney Diehl to assist me in bringing a claim on behalf of the estate against the negligent driver.  There were many complicated issues dealing with health insurance subrogation and reimbursement claims, as well as presenting the damages and injuries from the motor vehicle crash.  Attorney Diehl was kind and responsive, and I am very pleased that I retained the services of Attorney Diehl to assist me in this matter.

-L.F. from Southwest Ohio

I recovered on a complicated case.

I had a complicated injury case.  I was a passenger in a vehicle operated by my spouse.  My spouse accidentally went off the roadway on a major interstate highway, and I sustained very significant lumbar and cervical injuries.  The case was complicated because we had to bring an action against various insurance companies in various jurisdictions to obtain recovery.  Attorney Diehl was able to obtain a recovery that I believe was very fair and reasonable.  Attorney Diehl was very knowledgeable and experienced in handling this automobile accident case.  I recommend Attorney Diehl to my friends and colleagues regularly.

-D.B. from Cincinnati, OH

Tom and Marty provide knowledgable and prompt service.

Very knowledgable, timely returned calls and always responded to my questions with thorough responses. I would recommend Tom or Marty to any of my friends who need an attorney.


Diehl is organized and prepared.

He was a good attorney & very thorough. He was organized and prepared.


Mr. Diehl helped me win a settlement that got my life back on track.

I got hurt after another car crashed into mine (I was actually the passenger). Mr. Diehl sued the driver of the other car who caused the wreck and the insurance company of the driver. It was kinda stressful, but he made me feel comfortable and got a settlement that really helped get me back on track. I thought he , -Tom Diehl, was great and fought to get the settlement from the start. thanks tom for all of your help!


I am exceedingly happy with firm's work.

Over the years, I have had various legal issues for which I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of Diehl & Hubbell, LLC.  I have always been exceedingly happy with the work and services provided by this office.  I have had some very stressful and complicated cases, and these attorneys are always very knowledgeable and professional in the manner in which they have assisted me.

I also trust Mr. Diehl and Mr. Hubbell as if they were related by blood.  I always send any family or friends.  They are really old school where a handshake still means what it was meant to mean.  There are not many people out there that you are able to say this about.  Thanks for all you have done for me over many years for me, my family and my friends.

-J.M. from Lebanon, OH

Works with the experts to get the best result.

I sustained serious injuries to my neck from a motor vehicle accident.  I was not certain whether I wanted to retain the services of an attorney.  I decided to utilize the services of Tom Diehl of Diehl & Hubbell, and I am very glad that I did.  Mr. Diehl is very knowledgeable about injury cases, and he and his staff have kept me fully apprised of all the details of my case.  Attorney Diehl has worked with orthopaedic experts to properly document and present my case, and I am very pleased with the services and representation provided by Attorney Diehl.

-R.F. from Cincinnati, OH

Marty is always there to help!

Marty has always been there to help with my legal issues. He is highly professional and well respected. I intend to call him any time I need an attorney.


Marty is a competent and intelligent attorney.

Marty Hubbell is highly professional. Always prompt for appointments. Excellent about returning phone calls in a timely manner. Knowledgeable and competent.


Diehl and Hubbell's services are worthwhile.

His service is worthwhile. He handled the case professionally.


The best lawyer for any auto accident case.

His handling of my auto accident case has left me 100% satisfied with the outcome he did all the work and got exactly what was needed for my settlement you cannot go wrong with Tom.


I feel I had the best attorneys around.

Tom & Marty took care of me and my outcome was very positive. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great law firm.

-Susan B

Made a great choice working with Tom!

Really good guys. They knew their stuff and focused on my case. Glad I chose to go with Tom.

-Warren G