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On Behalf of Diehl & Hubbell, Attorneys at Law Oct. 27, 2021

In most cities and suburbs, cars have to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists in a variety of circumstances. Whether it’s driving near sidewalks, or yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, driving with due diligence is important if you’re operating a motor-vehicle. Additionally, if you are a pedestrian walking in a busy area, you have to remember that you can’t control what drivers do when they’re near you; instead, you must focus on taking steps to keep yourself safe. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, 2021 has been the deadliest year for car crashes in the last decade. NHTSA states that an estimated 8,730 people have died in car crashes in just the first three months of 2021. This is an increase of 10.5% more fatalities compared to 2020. 

Pedestrian Safety Tips 

Here are a few pedestrian safety tips that everyone should incorporate into their daily routine:

  1. Cross streets only in designated crosswalk sections. Some towns and cities actually issue jaywalking citations if you fail to use a crosswalk. Of course, the concern of safety is more important than a potential violation. Either way, a crosswalk is a safer alternative than crossing in the middle of the street; most drivers are aware of crosswalks as they approach and are inherently more alert for pedestrians, whereas they may have to react more abruptly if they see you crossing outside a crosswalk. 

  2. Stay on the sidewalk and avoid wandering into the street. Make sure to stick to this rule even if the road seems quiet or less traveled. 

  3. Stay aware of your surroundings. If you’re listening to music while walking, try keeping the volume lower so you can hear if someone honks at you, or if a car is approaching. 

Driver Safety Tips 

Here are some driver safety tips that all drivers should use when operating a vehicle:

  1. Stay alert and follow the rules. This means putting the phone down, focusing on the road over the radio, and being aware of your surroundings. Make sure to follow the speed limits, stay in your lane, and follow all the rules of the road. The rules are there for a reason, and it’s to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. 

  2. Do not pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks. The vehicles are stopped for a reason, and it’s likely because someone is passing in front of them in the crosswalk but you are just unable to see them. This is especially relevant if it is a high pedestrian area or a school zone; children can easily avoid detection when they are in another car’s blindspot. 

  3. Always yield for pedestrians. Even if the pedestrian is breaking the rules and jaywalking, don’t let frustration mar your judgement. Let them safely pass and move on.

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