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On Behalf of Diehl & Hubbell, Attorneys at Law Feb. 11, 2021

Most people buy their car insurance policies based on the promise of superb customer service by a company that cares about the well-being of their customers. This is not remotely the case once one has survived a car accident and needs their damages compensated by their or the liable party’s carrier. Insurance companies are all about profit and go out of their way to protect their profits by avoiding claim payouts.  

Top Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters to Deny Your Case

To better understand the level insurance companies and their adjusters will go in order to avoid paying on a claim, we have listed their top tactics you should know.

Insist You Have to Give a Recorded Statement

After an accident, an adjuster may immediately ask for a recorded statement. While you do need to share the details of your accident, you don’t have to do it right away or without a lawyer. This is because anything you say can be used against your claim, even misconstrued to mean something you didn’t intend.

Claim Lawyers Will Take All of Your Compensation

Insurance companies hate personal injury lawyers, and it has nothing to do with taking your compensation. The reality is that a lawyer will get you a larger award than you doing it on your own. The amount you get, even after paying a lawyer, will exceed what the insurance company would have paid without an attorney representing you. 

Deflect Their Liability for Your Claim

Insurers are all about saving money and will try to deflect their liability for your claim in several ways, including:

  • Blaming you for your injuries

  • Claim you have partial fault for getting hurt or causing the accident

  • Insist another party is at fault and tell you to pursue their insurance carrier instead

  • Claim your injuries are from a pre-existing condition and not the accident

Misrepresent Available Coverage to Pay Your Claim

Downplaying how much insurance coverage is available for injury claims is another tactic carriers and their adjusters will try. The liable party may have additional medical payment coverage or larger policy limits than state minimums. Make sure to get a signed copy of the policy when they try to do this. 

Push for You to Release Your Medical Records 

When asked to sign a medical release, the insurance company may claim it’s only for your accident records, but often they get even more personal details that have no relevance to your injuries. Any pre-existing conditions you have could be used against your claim or to discredit you. Always speak with a lawyer and get advice about releasing your records.

Offer a Quick Settlement for a Full Release

Some insurance companies will try to entice you into releasing them from further liability by offering you a quick settlement offer. They know you are desperate, hurting, and likely struggling financially because of the accident and will try to take advantage of this fact.  

Speak with an Experienced Ohio Car Accident Attorney First

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