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On Behalf of Diehl & Hubbell, Attorneys at Law April 2, 2021

After sustaining serious injuries in a car accident, your entire world could be turned upside down. It is not uncommon to spend a significant amount of time recovering emotionally, physically and financially after such an experience. Missing valuable work time is one of the first impacts that many of our clients deal with because of a negligent driver’s reckless actions behind the wheel.

You may be wondering if it is possible to get compensation for the missed work caused by your car accident injuries, and in short, the answer is yes. Personal injury compensation addresses more than just the physical injuries you suffered, but any other damages - property, financial, and emotional - that you incur.

Lost Wage Claims in Ohio Car Accident Cases

The term “lost wages” in an Ohio car accident injury case refers to the injured party losing potential income from working because they cannot work while recovering. For instance, you miss three months of work because your injuries didn’t allow you to return to your duties until healed. The insurance company handling your claim would owe you the money you should have earned during the time you missed.

The amount you would get is calculated from the date of your injury until you can return to work. There are several factors that can affect this amount, including if you are only able to resume your duties under work restrictions, like reduced hours.

Proving You Lost Wages Because of a Negligent Ohio Driver

The majority of lost wages claims will rely on the amount of work you missed and calculate your damages by your normal rate of pay. This process can get complicated when your income involves earned vacation time, dividends, and/or commissions.

To prove you are due compensation to make up for lost pay, you will need some or all of the below as evidence:

  • A letter from your employer verifying how much work you missed.

  • Pay stubs, proof of deposits, and/or a statement from your boss verifying your earnings and wage.

  • A doctor’s note or opinion that details the injuries you sustained, how these have stopped you from performing your duties, and the treatment plan you are following. This can also include any long-term impacts they believe it will have on your career.

Self-employed parties who suffered injuries may not be able to obtain some of this evidence, and that’s okay. While requiring a bit more financial background and earnings history, a skilled Ohio personal injury attorney can make sure any lost profits and potential earnings are calculated.

Don’t Let a Negligent Ohio Driver Cost You Valuable Income

If you need assistance recovering the wages you have lost after a motor vehicle collision, contact the seasoned Ohio car accident attorneys of Diehl & Hubbell.

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