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On behalf of Tom Diehl, Diehl & Hubbell Law Offices Nov. 17, 2020

Every year, billions of Americans will make the journey to a relative’s house or an office party to participate in what should be a joyous time of celebration and memory-making. Avoid these top holiday season dangers so that you and your loved ones can gather for your festivities safely.

Drive Sober and with Caution

From dangerous road conditions because of freezing rain to aggressive motorists stressed out from last-minute holiday shopping, driving during a holiday season has its own unique set of dangers. During this time of year, there is also an increase in Ohio drivers getting on the road intoxicated, which can have tragic consequences.

If you plan to travel or go to an office party, call a taxi or plan ahead for a designated driver, but don’t get behind the wheel intoxicated this holiday season.

Double-Check the Wiring of Your Holiday Lights

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, 44% of decorated tree fires began with the lighting decorating it. Fire-related injuries can be devastating to your family home, and burns can cause severe scarring requiring a lifetime of medical care. Always check the condition of your holiday lights before use. Also, don’t overload your electrical wall sockets.

Choose a Decorative Tree or Plant Carefully

For many holiday celebrants, decorating your home or office space with a tree or plant is an important part of their observances. Trees are a popular tradition in the United States, but just like holiday lights, these can pose a serious safety threat. The same is true of colorful plants and flower arrangements that may include poinsettias and mistletoe.

If you plan to use a live tree, make sure it isn’t dried out or displayed near a source that could set it on fire, like a fireplace. Fake trees should be made of non-flammable materials, as should any decorations you plan to use.

If you want to use some season-specific plants, do your research or speak with a florist before purchasing. Several plant types are poisonous to humans and pets, including:

  • Poinsettias

  • Mistletoe

  • Yew

  • Holly

  • Ivy

Display these plants in an inaccessible area, out of reach from children and pets, or use fake silk versions instead. Consuming or touching these live plants may require an immediate trip to the hospital.

Avoid Serious Ladder Injuries

You may want a home lit up like the Griswolds but practice ladder safety if you plan to be that creative. Falling off a ladder can lead to more than just hurt pride and a minor back strain. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and even death have been results from falling off of a ladder while hanging holiday decorations.

Injured on Christmas? Attorneys in Cincinnati and South West Ohio

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