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There is no doubt 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many workers. Almost every business has had to reimagine how they interact and serve their customers.

One group that has really had to pivot how they do their job and also learn new skills is our teachers. But not only that, according to one source, teachers spent an average of $745 on school supplies during the 2019/2020 school year, and most teachers spend their own money on distance learning materials. After reading about so many teachers going above and beyond the call of duty, the attorneys at Diehl & Hubbell decided it's time to give back.

To show our appreciation, the law firm of Diehl & Hubbell has started a Teacher Appreciation Program which awards one teacher a $250 gift card for classroom supplies every month. All teachers from elementary through high school are eligible.

If you know a teacher who has volunteered their personal time and finances to the benefit of their students and has gone above and beyond, you can nominate them to win! To participate in the Diehl & Hubbell Law Firm Teacher Appreciation Program, fill out the easy entry form below, then go back every day to cast your vote again for your teacher. Feel free to share the link with your family and friends to increase your teacher’s chances of winning. We encourage schools to put the link on their school website to help their teachers receive nominations and for teachers to share the link with their friends, family, and parents of students.


Debbie Boylan 

Berry Intermediate 

Debbie is a special teacher who clearly does go "above and beyond" for her students. We heard about how in an in a year that has posed many challenges, Mrs. Boylan has been a beacon of light to her students. She created a “Bookmobile,” a mobile library utilizing her own vehicle and supplying books she has bought with her own money and resources so students have access to books. Mrs. Boylan also created other programs like: “Geo Buddy” a program where students send and receive postcards from all over the globe teaching students about culture and diversity; we were told about how Mrs. Boylan volunteers her time by mentoring struggling students and has lunch with them 1-on-1 to provide a safe space to speak about life; Debbie supports other teachers by participating in the “Cincinnati Buddy Walk” for children with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Debbie Boylan is truly a wonderful teacher with a big heart!


Jerome Noe(pictured with Principal Cliff Franz) 

Donovan Elementary 

We heard from so many parents, students and co-workers about how much Mr. Noe has positively impacted his students. One story that really moved us was when he personally drove out of his way to a student’s house to hand-deliver work when a family was quarantined. We heard about Mr. Noe's passion for teaching, how he truly cares about his student’s well-being and how much FUN he brings to learning! One parent mentioned to us how Mr. Noe has transformed their student from one who struggled to get up in the morning and never wanted to talk about his day, into a boy who now enjoys and looks forward to school and is excited to tell them about what he has learned, all thanks to Mr. Noe! While we were there, one student told us how he used to hate math and now he actually enjoys and looks forward to school and is excited to tell them about what he has learned, all thanks to Mr. Noe! While we were there, one student told us how he used to hate math and now he actually enjoys it! Congratulation and well done, Mr. Noe! 





Gregory Kline

Springboro Intermediate

Out of the 100+ nominations we received, Mr. Kline's really stood out to us because of all the examples of how he truly embodies the “go above and beyond” for his students.  Mr. Kline supports his students not only in the classroom but also outside of class time.  Some examples include: holding a Zoom meeting on a Sunday afternoon to help a struggling student prepare for an upcoming math test, personally delivering a forgotten calculator to a student’s front porch when that student was quarantined and unable to come retrieve it from school, and providing a get-well basket for a quarantined student’s family!  Mr. Kline also is there to cheer his students on at their sporting events!  Thank you, Mr. Kline, for all you do! 


Janis Rydalch

Lebanon City Schools

Congratulations to Lebanon City Schools Teacher Janis Rydalch who was selected as the Diehl & Hubbell Teacher of the Month for April 2021! Janis managed to teach orchestra to 7 different grade levels (Grades 6-12) in 3 different school buildings as well as multiple sections of 5th & 6th grade music classes each and every day. This meant that Janis juggled being in three different buildings, three different classrooms, and adhering to three different sets of pandemic protocols in each building. Her car is her traveling office of supplies and files since Janis is never in one building for an entire day. Janis personally supplied her own materials and spent her time at home to handmake matching masks so that her orchestra students would look uniform for concerts. Janis taught in-person 5 days per week every single week since August 17, 2020 and had perfect attendance throughout the pandemic! For these reasons and more, we felt Janis exemplifies what it means to “go above and beyond” and is more than deserving of recognition! Congratulations, Janis! Well done and thank you for all you do!

April teacher of the month recipient

March teacher of the month recipient 


Lora Jenks

Mark Twain Elementary

Congratulations Lora Jenks of Mark Twain Elementary on being selected as the Diehl & Hubbell “Teacher of the Month” for May 2021! We were told, “Lora is the most selfless and caring person I know. She certainly deserves this recognition!” And we couldn't agree more! Lora Jenks is a 2nd grade teacher who taught in & out of the classroom since the pandemic began. This past year she personally purchased: a laptop, a tripod selfie stick for making videos, organizational crates and tubs for individual supplies and materials, transparent masks for teaching phonics, and toys for indoor recess. She hand-delivered materials to her students' homes. Lora worked with parents to help them access district resources like technology, food, and helped problem-solve issues with their students' technology. Lora taught students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students who received extra reading intervention. Given the nature of the school year, she has spent extra time focusing on social emotional learning, helping students manage stress, dealing with changes, unexpected events, and working to build stronger relationships. Sometimes, students joined her “Google Meet” session while they completed their online work, just to feel connected and to talk. Her “Google Meet” link remained open the entire day. Lora truly goes above and beyond! (Pictured from left to right: Christine Kinderdine, who nominated her; Lora Jenks)

Rosie Demos

Primary Village South, Centerville 

August 2021

Kind. Organized. Caring. These are a few of the wonderful words we heard about Rosie Demos, First Grade teacher in Centerville School's Primary Village South! "She brings a class together even when they are apart.""Mrs. Demos puts students first."

She is truly a special person and teacher. Words from a parent(who also happens to be a teacher): "The first couple of weeks were really tough for him. He struggled with remote learning and I watched a first grader begin to get anxiety and a dislike for school. As a teacher myself, this was heartbreaking. Then came our fresh start! My son was transferred into Mrs. Demos' class. My son immediately loved her kind nature and organized teaching style. It is hard to make students feel cared about through a screen, and yet, that is exactly what she did. My son felt loved and appreciated and quickly found his zeal for school again."

Congratulations, Mrs. Demos, and thank you for all you do!

Rosie Demos

May teacher of the month recipient

Terri Harris

Lebanon High School

September 2021

We would like to congratulate Terri Harris for being chosen as the Diehl & Hubbell "Teacher of the Month" for September 2021.  Terri exemplifies dedication, leadership, and kindness.  The care that she shows for her students, not just as students, but as people is more impactful than even she probably realizes.  Students told us how she "goes out of her way to help us" and that Ms. Harris is one of those teachers that you are so lucky to have had the privilege of having as a teacher.  In fact, student said that they want to do well on her tests, of course, because they want a good grade in AP U.S. History to AP Government, but more so because they want to make Ms. Harris happy.  She is interesting, leads great discussions and is passionate about her works.  To sum it up, we were told "Ms. Harris is genuine and real and truly deserves to be recognized for her hard work."  We agree!!  Congratulations, Terri!  Well done and thank you for all you do!


Terri Harris