I’ve been handling car accident cases for 32 years, and I almost always get that question. Often, the very first time I meet with somebody and the answer is: I have no idea. We don’t even want to think about resolving your injury until you are all better and you have fully recovered from the injuries you’ve sustained. The big reason is because we are going to have to sign a document called a release, and in that release, we are waving, forever, any claims for future compensation or injuries.

We do not want to resolve your case until you have fully recovered because once it’s resolved, it’s resolved forever. So back to the original question, how long is it going to take to resolve my case? The big question is how long is it going to take for you to get better and we just don’t know. Some injuries heal up rather quickly and some, especially traumatic brain injuries, can be maddeningly long-lasting. So the first question is only going to be answered when we’ve reached the point that the treatment is resolved, and we are comfortable that you’ve fully recovered. After that, typically, cases can get resolved within 3-6 months after you’ve had a full recovery assuming the negligent party’s insurance company is reasonable and fair. If not, and litigation is necessary, the case could be longer than that. The quick, down and dirty answer to your question is each case is different and it’s impossible to tell how long an individual case will take to be resolved.