There is a pressure on people who do what I do. And that is represent people who are seriously injured in car accident cases to answer that question of what is the case worth? At some point that specifically becomes my job. My job is to review the material, interview the witnesses, talk to the doctors, review the medical records and see what kind of case we have and then based on my experience and based on my analysis of the various cases that have happened throughout Ohio. Then and only then can I formulate a strong opinion of what the case is worth and what a fair and reasonable recovery is. So the answer to what is my case worth is going to depend on a host of questions, a host of factors which will be strongly influenced by factors such as the seriousness of the injuries, the amount of medical bills incurred, whether future medical bills are going to be required, whether there is a lost wage component. Is there a permanent injury affecting future ability to earn a living? There are hundreds and hundreds of factors that need to be analyzed before an attorney can or should answer the question of what is my case worth.