On car accident cases, it’s my opinion that the insurance companies are making a concerted effort to immediately call people who were injured in car accidents, not for thepurposes of providing good service. Instead, it’s my opinion, that they’re making these phonecalls to get recorded statements as quickly as they can so that they can obtain information,document their files and potentially limit the amount of recovery before people have beencounseled by an attorney. All of the data suggest that on any serious car accident cases aninjured person is likely to recover significantly more money if they have been properlycounseled by expertise in their car accident claim. So the answer is if you get a phone callfrom an insurance adjuster and they want a statement, don’t give it. You’re not obligated to doit, you’re not required to do it. Get the services of a competent qualified attorney to analyzethe claim and be with you every step of the way including making the decision of whether ornot it is in your best interest to give a statement.