I’m representing someone in a car accident and they want to know, “Do you have a doctor I should go see? Or what type of doctor would be best for me?” My opinion on that is thatany attorney who doesn’t have medical degree after their name should not be giving medicaladvice. It’s not the place of a competent attorney to advise what type of medical treatmentyou should be receiving. I went to school a long time to learn what I need to know to be thebest accident attorney I can. And I’ve been doing this for 32 years so I have a lot of experiencelearning what’s the best way to advise my clients and to assist them on these car accidentcases. It would be unfair and unreasonable for me to think that I have the knowledge andexpertise on the medicine side of the equation to advise my client as to what type of doctorthey should go see, what type of experts they should go see. The best type of course for thattype of question is to meet with your family doctor, to meet with specialists you’ve met withbefore and explain the physical injuries you’re having and get the appropriate referral to theexperts you need. That is without question the appropriate way to handle your medical careand treatment in any personal injury case.