If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’re likely to get a phone call or a letter from your own health insurance. Often this letter will have a questionnaire about your injuries. It will say something like, “We see that you’ve been in a car accident and that you’ve received medical attention.” Subrogation refers to the fact that most health insurance policies have a clause that provides “should you be reimbursed for medical bills paid by that health insurance company” or “should you be reimbursed by a car insurance company" you’re obligated to pay part or all of those medical bills. This is known as subrogation. It’s also sometimes referred to as reimbursement. Competent expertise will work with your health insurance companies to verify what rights they have, the amount that they have, and in fact, to negotiate the amount that they should receive, if any, from your car accident claim in the event that you receive recovery from a negligent driver.