I’ve been representing people in southwest Ohio for 32 years. Unfortunately, I’ve had the circumstance where I’ve had to help people who were seriously injured with life-altering damages from a motor vehicle accident. It’s a sad occasion, but the answer is an attorney with expertise and knowledge of handling serious car accident cases will be willing to meet with that particular client at the hospital, the doctor’s office, or even that person’s home, and the reason is that it’s important on serious injury claims to immediately begin the lawyer-client relationship because there’s evidence out there that’s fleeting. It might be very important to obtain the black box data which is just like the black box data from airplane crashes. It can be important to talk to witnesses, to get recorded statements, and get photographic evidence. It can be important to talk to the police officers. So, yes, any competent attorney is going to be more than willing and desiring to come to meet with you wherever it’s convenient be it in the hospital, in the doctor’s office, or your house on a serious accident claim because it’s important to start the evidence and representation process in serious accident cases.