Carlisle Mayor’s Court

Some Ohio municipalities have created Mayor’s Courts, as authorized by the Ohio Revised Code.  These Courts hear traffic cases, OVI (or DUI), DUS, and other misdemeanors. 

The Carlisle Police Department and the Warren County Sheriff can cite first time offenders into the Carlisle Mayor’s Court.  Mayor’s Courts are not courts of record, and a Defendant has the automatic right to appeal the case, regardless of the result.  If a Defendant is not pleased with how the case was resolved in Carlisle Mayor’s Court, the case can start over in the Warren County Court.  It is like getting two bites at the apple, which can be a great advantage to the defense.

When charged with an offense in Carlisle Mayor’s Court, it is especially important to retain a local attorney who has experience working in these types of Courts.  Because Mayor’s Courts are not official, the procedures and formalities can vary greatly, especially compared to County or Municipal Courts.

Carlisle Mayor’s Court is located at 760 W. Central Avenue, Carlisle, Ohio, 45005.  Court is held twice each month on Wednesdays, usually beginning at 8:30 a.m.  Be sure to check your ticket so you appear on the proper date and time.  Further information can be obtained at the following website:

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