RIP Officer Dulle

Our condolences go out to Officer Dulle and his family.  What a tragic scene, in which thirty-six year old Brian Dulle was killed while performing his duties as a Warren County Police Officer.  Dulle was putting out stop-sticks along the roadway on St. Rt. 42 when Marcus Israel allegedly ran into Officer Dulle at over 100 miles per hour, killing him instantly.  Israel has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to comply with a police officer, facing fifteen years in prison if he is convicted.  At the arraignment in Lebanon Municipal Court Thursday, Israel apologized to Officer Dulle’s family.  Israel is being held on a one million dollar bond.  What a great loss to the community – What an irresponsible and reckless act.  The suspect decided to trade a tail-light violation for a manslaughter charge.

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