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On Behalf of Diehl & Hubbell, Attorneys at Law March 24, 2022

Celebrating Green Beer Day is a fun tradition…if you do so responsibly. At least fifty Americans die from drunk driving-related accidents every St. Patrick’s Day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Others are injured or arrested as the result of getting behind the wheel of a car after having a few too many.

So, it’s important to have a plan for how to keep yourself and others safe if you plan to drink your green beer or other spirits away from home.

If You’re Drinking on St. Paddy’s Day

Choose a Designated Driver in Advance

If you’re going out with friends, decide which one of you will stay sober enough to drive the others home. It’s a great gesture to buy their non-alcoholic beverages AND cover their gas.

Plan to Use Rideshare Apps if Necessary

If you’re traveling solo or no one wants to stay sober, plan to use rideshare apps. Most cities have Uber, Lyft, and other services. Download the apps before you leave the house. Make sure your credit card or other payment method is attached to the app.

Book a Hotel if Traveling a Long Way from Home

Sometimes it’s cheaper to get a hotel room for the night than to use a rideshare app. Make sure it’s within easy walking distance of wherever you plan to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

Call Friends or Family if Needed

Most people would rather receive a call asking for a ride to help keep a loved one safe than to have a friend or loved one take a big risk. 

Ask the Bar or Restaurant to Call You a Cab

Many bars and restaurants also have taxi numbers posted.

Watch Out for Other Drivers on the Road

Even if you’re not drinking on St. Paddy’s Day, it’s almost guaranteed that someone on the road has enjoyed too much green beer. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe from other impaired drivers.

Drive With Extra Caution

Keep an eye out for others on the road, including pedestrians, who may not have full use of their senses.

Buckle Up and Make All Your Passengers Buckle Up

Seat belts are usually the law — and St. Patrick’s Day is not the time to be careless about buckling up.

Know the Telltale Signs of Drunk Driving

Weaving in and out of traffic, driving too close to the center line, excessively slow speed, very fast speed, hitting the brakes a lot, and following too closely are all signs that someone may be drunk or otherwise impaired. Safely pass such drivers as quickly as possible.

Summing it Up

You and your friends can have a fun St. Patrick’s Day while keeping yourselves and others safe. A little planning in advance will keep you and others safe and out of legal hot water.