If you have health insurance it is almost always advantageous to present those medical bills to your health insurance carrier. By doing that, you will take advantage of the reduced negotiated rate that the health insurance carrier has with the hospitals and doctors. Also, especially on any significant injury case, it may take several months before you’ve recovered and before you can start the process of resolving of your injury case.

By presenting those bills to your medical care insurance company, you can get those bills paid immediately and not have to wait until the entire case is resolved. The negligent party’s insurance company is not going to pay your medical bills piecemeal. In other words, if you present an emergency room bill and maybe another bill a week later from an MRI, the insurance company for the negligent driver is not going to pay those bills as they come in. Instead those bills will be paid in one lump sum at the resolution of the case whether that is through a trial or through a settlement . It is almost always advantageous to present these bills to your insurance carrier up front.