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Over the past decade, as shoppers leave their Thanksgiving Day tables to snag deep Black Friday sales discounts at their favorite stores, some have already begun celebrating this holiday the night before. Known as Blackout Wednesday, or Drinksgiving for short, this is the night before Thanksgiving that has quickly become a binge drinking tradition popularized by college students on break from school.

The Dangers of Drinksgiving for Ohio Drivers

Despite the humorous connotation behind the names of 'Blackout Wednesday' and 'Drinksgiving,' the risks taken by driving buzzed or drunk are not. It's always fun to reunite with our friends and families over the holidays, but this much-deserved time of relaxation away from the rigors of college classes and projects can quickly turn tragic on Ohio roads.

In 2019, Ohio State Highway Patrol (OHSP) reported 84 total car accidents over the Thanksgiving holidays, 13 of which were fatal, taking the lives of 15 people. In addition to these crashes, OSHP arrested 389 drivers for getting behind the wheel intoxicated. On a nationwide scale, 2018 had 10,511 DUI-related traffic crashes where at least one driver was above the legal limit.

Penalties for DUI in Ohio

To create safer highways for Thanksgiving holiday travelers, OHSP and local law enforcement are stepping up efforts to get impaired drivers off Ohio roads and highways. The consequences of a DUI in Ohio will depend on the type of OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) tier you fall under, but these penalties vary in severity:

  • Jail time with mandatory minimums

  • License suspension

  • Reinstatement fees

  • Fines ranging anywhere from $375 to $1,075

  • Ignition interlocks

  • Yellow ‘Party’ plates for your vehicle

  • Alcohol treatment program

  • Community service

  • Probation

  • Restitution

Getting behind the wheel impaired is never safe or legal. Not only do you risk harm to yourself, but you pose a danger to other drivers on the road with you. The Thanksgiving holiday typically has significant traffic on Ohio highways, so everyone must do their part not to jeopardize others while sharing the road.

Top Tips to Avoid an Ohio OVI on Drinksgiving

Keep these tips in mind for Black Out Wednesday when celebrating with friends and families this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:

  • Driving buzzed is drunk driving

  • Make plans to have a designated driver

  • Use a taxi or ride-share services like Uber or Lyft to get home safely if you don’t have a designated driver

  • If family or friends try to get behind the wheel drunk, stop them

  • Report suspected impaired drivers you see on the road

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