I just went to a seminar a few days ago with a collection of attorneys who have a lot of experience handling serious motor vehicle accidents in Ohio. One of the big issues we were talking about was how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media can be bad in car accident cases. We all repeatedly came to the conclusion that social media can be a real problem in a car accident case. Every attorney had a story of someone who posted a story or a report about a vacation they went on or some activity they had just done to Facebook or Instagram. I can assure you that this information will be monitored by the insurance companies you will be dealing with and by the attorneys if the case gets that far. Be very, very careful about the postings you put on Facebook, on Instagram, or any other social media because that will be monitored and analyzed to see if it can be used to minimize your claim. In any case that goes to litigation, your postings to Instagram or Facebook, are discoverable by the other side and they can analyze them and potentially use them in a courtroom against you.