People who have been injured in a serious car accident are worried about a lot of things. They are worried about the medical bills; they’re worried about whether they’re going to get healthy again; they are worried about how they are ever going to get back to that life they were living. They are probably looking for some help. And they might be thinking, “How in the world am I going to afford to get an attorney when I‘m worried about paying my bills?” Maybe “I am unable to work right now” or maybe “I don’t have a job.” They are worried about those sorts of things. Most attorneys who are experienced in handling serious car accident and motor vehicle cases will handle these types of cases on what’s known as a contingent fee agreement. This means that the attorney only gets paid if the attorney is successful in obtaining a recovery for you. And he or she only gets paid at the end of the case. This is an effective system to even the tables a little bit. The insurance companies are obviously well-funded. By using a contingent fee agreement you can obtain the services of a very qualified attorney who can assist you, make sure your case is properly presented, make sure that you obtain the full and complete compensation without having to immediately add to any financial difficulties as you’re already facing mounting medical bills and the prospects of perhaps a period of time where you’re out of a job recuperating from the serious injuries you’ve obtained.